Online Casino USA – Bring the magic of Vegas to your home

The United States of America. The casino capital of the world. This review is set up to take you through everything from the fantastic casino bonuses that you can find to what banking methods give you the fastest payouts to which casinos boast the most amount of games. We will take you to step by step through some of the most well know online casinos to some hidden gems that you may not be familiar with. All the casinos that we mention will all be fully licensed and regulated and we will explain what criteria you need to look for to get the best results.

If you are looking for an online casino USA real money venue, then we have plenty of options

Whether you have played at the bright lights of Las Vegas, experienced Atlantic City or have just enjoyed some of the quieter local casinos, you will know the buzz of the gambling industry. While it can be exciting to get dolled up and visit these places, the

top USA online casinos

can give you that excitement and more. With an online casino, you have all of the top games you get from the land-based establishments but there are more bonuses, more machines and less noise. Log on through your PC, your tablet or your mobile phone and you can take the thrills of the casino with you, wherever you need to be. If you are predominantly a bingo fan then check out Downtown Bingo for some of the latest bingo games on the internet.

A lot of customers find that a USA online casino is more preferable to going to its land-based cousins

If you are checking in to one of the big Vegas casinos and are enjoying the atmosphere and taking in the entertainment acts that are performing that night, then it will certainly be a memorable experience. These tend to be occasions that are few and far between and most people prefer being in their own environment when they gamble, and here is why:

  • The main factor is to feel comfortable in your surroundings. No one feels more comfortable than being in their own home. Sit back with a glass of wine or a bottle of beer or even a cup of tea if you prefer and actually get the chance to take in everything that is available to you.
  • Never have to wait to play the games that you enjoy. If you want to play a particular slots machine, click on the button and play it. If you are in the mood for roulette, don’t wait for a spot to become available at the table, choose from loads of different types of roulette, click on that game and start betting immediately, the games are ready when you are.
  • If the baby wakes up, or if you want a bite to eat, simply stop what you are doing and go and sort out what you need to. The same game will be there for you when you return unless of course, you are playing a live casino which we will cover in more depth later.
  • Enjoy the loyalty that is afforded to you the more you play. Whether you log on once a month or you are on there for hours every day, every spin of the reels, every roll of the dice, every turn of the card, will be totalling up loyalty points in your favour and these points will be distributed back to you in the form of prizes, rewards and regular promotions.
  • Play against the best players from around the world. There are regular tournaments at online casinos and these can be national tournaments or international tournaments, and this allows you to see what level you are at by entering tournaments against the level of players similar to you.

There are many top casinos for US customers to join and we want to give you only the best of the bunch

One of the easiest ways to test out a casino to see if it has what you want is to go on there and play the games in free mode first. It gives you a feel for the website, how to navigate around it, how crisp the gameplay is and how long the games take to load. You can then also chat into customer support and see how friendly they are and how quick they are to respond. Most online casinos have a tab specifically for payment methods so have a good look through what variety of options they have and ensure that how you wish to pay is clearly represented in this. You can also sign up for newsletters and press releases that the casino may offer and this will stand you in good stead going forward as you will know all of the latest news regarding your casino.

The casino games the online USA provide are all the latest and most popular selection of games around

The games are what we are all signed up for and we want to make sure that the selection of games available is extensive and relevant to our gaming habits. Whether you want Netent games or Microgaming, or any other provider, there are hundreds of casinos that you can choose from that will cover these.

Follow the ball as it jumps around the roulette table and guesses which number it will finish on

Roulette is a very tactical game that, with the right amount of practice, you can increase your chances of wins. There are a few popular strategies in roulette that a lot of people swear by. No strategy is foolproof and whatever anyone says, they can’t guarantee you a win, but they can certainly enhance your chances so try playing these for free and learn some of the strategies available.

Take a seat at the blackjack table and use your wits to beat the dealer and win the money

Blackjack has always been a go-to game at any casino. Its simplistic rules and easy betting make it a nice relaxing game to play where stress levels remain low. Also, the fact that you are not competing against other players, but only looking to beat the dealer to win is also a big selling point. Take the time to learn the basic strategy to further your chances in this game.

For the most variety at any online casino, check out the hundreds of slots games that are there for you

Most casinos tend to be built around their selection of online slots. There are hundreds, if not, thousands, on all of the major casino sites. They are quick and easy to play and provide the chance of some of the biggest jackpots ever won at an online casino. The fact that the majority of casinos make these games available on free play mode means you can enjoy playing even when you’re not spending and find out how to get to the special features without wasting your money in doing so.

Be sure to try out some of the newer, alternative games to make it to the libraries of online casinos

There always tends to be a selection of games that haven’t always been associated with online casinos and these can be great fun to play. A lot of casinos have started to include bingo into their games list, as well as Keno, which is also a popular game in itself. You will see access to different lotteries available as well as scratch cards that can be scratched from your computer. Virtual sports have become popular with a lot of players, guessing the outcome of virtual sports matches the same as if they were real matches. There are many hidden gems so take your time and have a look through everything available.

When you claim your casino bonuses, you can enjoy free credits to all of your favourite games

More people join a casino because of the bonuses that are available than for any other reason. This is because the casinos use the welcome bonuses to garner your initial interest and then it allows you to take a look at what else they can provide for you. This means that a strong welcome bonus can be absolutely essential for casinos and this puts the players in the driving seat. Look out for the following casino bonuses:

  • Get hundreds of free spins to use on your favourite slot machines. Use these to uncover hidden features, free cash prizes and many more. Experiment with new slots without having to dip into your real cash credits and see if it’s a good game for you.
  • Get a zero-wager bonus, also known as a no deposit bonus, and explore the website on their money. Whether you want to use it on games that you’ve never played before for the experience or you want to use it to cement a place at the top table, the choice is completely yours, but this is free money to do with whatever you choose to.
  • Most casinos will match or better your initial deposit or deposits when you first join as part of your welcome bonus. There does tend to be a minimum and maximum deposit included with this so be sure to read all the terms and conditions.
  • A lot of sites will now give you a bonus if you refer a friend to their casino. This can be a cash amount added to your free credits or it could be a number of free spins.
  • Keep an eye out for casinos that have mobile apps available to download as some casinos will provide players with an additional bonus once they install the app to their mobile device.

If you log on to the live online casino USA, you can play in real-time against other players

The live version of the online casino USA industry has increased in popularity consistently. When they were first introduced into the market, it was a very limited option where people would have to wait for a certain time of the day and then you could play with the live dealer for 6 hours and then it would close again. Due to how successful the results were, live dealer casinos are now available 24/7. The stream can be provided in one of two ways, it could be a provider such as Evolution Gaming who provide live streams for most casino games, alternatively, it could be a live stream from an actual casino, so you really feel as though you are in the thick of it.

Online Casinos generate billions of dollars every year and are only getting bigger, year on year

With so many new online casinos trying to establish themselves in an already crowded market, it means they have to try to offer something that you can’t already get from an established online casino. This can mean that the new casinos can certainly be worth a look to see exactly how they intend to tempt you over. The beauty of joining a new casino is that you don’t have to be in any sort of rush. We will point you towards many of the top casinos around, but ultimately, it is your decision based on your preferences and everyone is different. Providing they tick off the main boxes for you, meaning they provide the games you enjoy, they have the payment methods that you use, they are giving you a generous bonus that can be used on your preference of games, and that you find the website easy to find your way around then trial a few out and see which one feels best for you.

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